Learning Disability Case Study

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Common definition: Learning disability refers to a neurological life-long condition which affects a child’s ability to understand, assimilate and process information. “Learning disabilities can affect one’s ability to read, write, speak, spell, compute math, reason and also affect an individual’s attention, memory, coordination”( http://ldaamerica.org/) .
Characteristics: Though the child may suffer from dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, non-verbal learning disabilities, etc, most children with LD are passive learners as the inclination or motivation to learn is missing. They have a low attention span and are easily distracted by irrelevant things. Their confidence level and self-esteem is low. They face difficulty with language
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Though special instructions are provided in schools (IEP), help is also required in dressing, eating food, making friends, handling money, planning, organizing, etc. To find out the extent to which help is needed, assessment tools & daily observation are used by parents, teachers, social workers, etc. Case Study: Name: James Grade: 4 Learning Disability:…show more content…
For e.g. a child with ADHD may have difficulties with balance, motor coordination & left-right orientation. They have to be protected as they are unconcerned about danger and self-defense. They also have poor concentration & communication skills so patience and care are essential.
Case Study: Name: Harry Grade: 6 Behavior Disorder: ADHD He is not inclined to follow the school’s code of conduct and discipline. He talks a lot, often inappropriately. He gets into frequent fights and has temper tantrums. He has on different occasions, pushed or hit another child. He seeks attention all the time & is moody and irritable. He has a low attention span and is impulsive by nature.
Learning Style (Kinesthetic): The child finds it difficult to sit in one place and is in a constant state of motion. He needs to experiment, explore, touch things and use body language to express his feelings. Various methods can help him such as role play, use of visual aids, walking when revising, listening to music when studying, making notes when reading, etc.
Interests: He is a talented dancer and
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