Sweatshop Research Paper

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let’s end the sweatshops Sweatshop, or sweat-factory is a negative but alarming term for a workplace that has socially unbearable working conditions. Sweatshop pricks the bubble that workers are hired or forced to work for long hours with poor pay. Work can be dangerous there and violence can be used by people in leadership. No access to entertainment provided in the workplace is another factor that brings no joey to workers when they are suffering great stress at work and no medical care available could help physical tragedies happen anytime. Plus child labor is part of sweatshop too. So in short, factory workers are subjected to long hour, poor pay, dangerous and unsanitary working conditions in the sweatshop. Let’s have a further…show more content…
It is no trouble finding the traces of sweatshops at some points of human history. In 1533, Spain occupied Ecuador and started near 300 hundred colonial domination. During the colonial rule, Spanish conquerors built a crude textile mill and put the population to work in the sweatshop conditions in the manufacture of cloth, rough garments and assorted textile goods. The sweatshops of Ecuador has more things to do with the war while the sweatshops during Industrial Revolution in Great Britain in 1700s is more about the shaping of Capitalism. There were thousands of sweat factories where women and children sweated in jobs performed in horrid conditions. England’s manufacturing industries are the working conditions that the term “sweatshop” is more recently traced to. Later in 1880s, the massive immigration to the United States makes sweatshops common in American cities on the east coast. After World War Two the increase of illegal immigration from developing countries give sweatshops the advantages to exist secretively in the backyards of the United States. Later in 1900, with the blooming of Globalization, the developed countries take advantages of the “free trade” and build massive manufacturing factories with hiring cheap labor in developing countries. Most of these factories are the dispute of sweatshops people has been arguing…show more content…
There needs to be full disclosure. Factories must disclose the treatment and pay of workers and how and where the products were made. This disclosure needs to be backed up with independent monitoring of working conditions and pay. the working conditions must be checked regularly by anti-sweatshops organizations. Any violations that are discovered must be corrected in a way that protects workers and the jobs. Factories need to pay for education for child workers found in factories and pay parents a living wage. Besides, firing the evil managers who are using violence against workers. They are the core of danger and
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