Case Study: Lindt And Sprüngli

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Lindt & Sprüngli, more commonly known as Lindt, is a confectionery company that produces Swiss chocolate. It all began in 1845 in Switzerland. Lindt & Sprüngli offers plenty of chocolate flavors (milk, dark, white…) in all format (boxed, bars…). Concerning its value chain, the company deals with high standards of sustainability and ethics because it is an important factor for its long-term success. Stakeholders are people in the organization that can affect or be affected by its policies, actions, and objectives. In Lindt & Sprüngli, the key stakeholders are employees, customers, suppliers, and the community from which the company draws its resources which are the farmers. First of all, Lindt & Sprüngli represents an open work culture where trust respect, and fairness characterize the interactions and working relationships. The company gives much importance to the idea of working in teams, facilitates communication between members, and eases also the understanding across all disciplines, geographies and business segments in order to create a company that favors working hand in hand for the purpose of mutual success. In addition, innovative people are always recognized, encouraged, and rewarded. As a firm, employees are well-treated; they are offered an attractive working environment which lead to employee satisfaction, retention, and engagement. Concerning the employment training and development, talented employees are developed internally to be motivated and qualified

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