Case Study: Loads Of Fun

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Loads of Fun In the Assignment 2: Loads of Fun I have an opportunity to apply leadership concepts and ideas to a real-world situation to design a personal leadership plan for Joan Salmon. She is about to take over the family business, to expand it and keep her business moving forward. Invitations Inc. produces and sells a variety of invitation styles at different prices. As a consequence, being able to satisfy and inspire clients is an essential part for the company. There are already some aspects that Joan wants to pay attention such as to take stock of the company, to explore the online market for future growth potential, to revamp the company image and marketing plans, to seek “green” methods of production. The leadership plan will cover…show more content…
Joan’s main focus is to produce movement and constructive change through processes such as establishing direction through visioning, aligning people, motivating and inspiring. Leaders are born, not made. A leader is someone who values the goal over any unpleasantness the work it takes to get there may bring. A leader has strong communication skills and the ability to amass a team of people toward a common goal in a way that the entire team is motivated and works effectively to get there as a team. A leader earns the trust and respect of his team by demonstrating positive work qualities and confidence, then fostering an environment that proliferates these values through the team. A leader who nobody will follow is not a leader of anything at all (Jason Bowser,…show more content…
First, there was pointed out Joan’s current role in the business and how that affects her leadership potential, then Joan’s business plans now and in the future, the environment for change including mission and vision statements, structure and culture for Invitations Inc. In addition, there was review Joan Salmon as leader as individual, social architect, change agent, relationship builder from different point of view where a leader may enhance her personality, emotional intelligence, and relationship building skills to engage and motivate employees. All points in Assignment 2 make emphasis on designing a personal leadership plan for Joan Salmon who is about to take over the family
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