Nasal Lobular Angioma Case Studies

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INTRODUCTION Nasal lobular haemangioma is a rare benign tumour of the Sino nasal tract 1. The exact aetiology of this condition is unknown. Though Head and Neck is the most common location of these tumours, involvement of Sino nasal tract is very rare. The most common sites of these tumours are gingiva, lips and tongue. These are rapidly growing hyper vascular lesions. The clinical features, radiological features and pathological findings are described in Manuscript Click here to download Manuscript: NASAL LOBULAR CAPILLARY HAEMANGIOMA A RARE CASE REPORT.docx this report to differentiate it from other common pathologies like, angiofibroma and Sino nasal angiomatous polyposis. CASE REPORT 15 years old female patient presented to the Department…show more content…
CT scan of the patient revealed a lobulated, well-circumscribed, intensely enhancing soft-tissue mass filling the left nasal cavity. Epicentre of the lesion was seen to be in the nasal cavity and it was closely attached to the middle turbinate with no erosion or remodelling of underlying bones. A diagnosis of haemangioma or angiofibroma was made. (Figure 1 & 2) Diagnostic nasal endoscopy was done, which revealed a polypoidal mass attached to the middle turbinate. Endoscopy assisted mass excision was planned. Polypoidal mass found attached to the middle turbinate was slowly removed with cauterization of the stalk was done. (Figure 3) The removed mass consisted of polypoidal bits of tissue measuring 3 cm × 2 cm × 1 cm. Microscopic examination revealed polypoidal bits covered partly by stratified squamous epithelium and partly by pseudo-stratified epithelium with focal ulceration. The underlying stroma shows dense fibrosis and lobules of small capillaries lined by flattened epithelium and filled with blood. The surrounding inflammatory infiltrate comprised of lymphocytes, eosinophil, plasma cells, and neutrophils these findings led to a diagnosis of lobular

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