Case Study Lorena Robbitt

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Lorena Bobbitt Case Summary "I remember the first time he raped me. I remember the put-downs and insults he told me. . . . There were so many pictures in my head. I remember how he did anal sex with me and hurt me. I remember everything, everything” – Lorena Bobbitt (PRESS, A. G.). This case is about a young wife who had been mentally and physically abused by her husband for over two decades and had a mental state of insanity by cutting her husband’s penis off. On June 23rd 1993, John, the husband, had come home and was highly intoxicated, he raped Lorena again. Lorena went into the kitchen to get something to drink, she was evoked by memories by the long term beatings and raping’s and that she was no longer going to put up with this, grabbed a…show more content…
To be incompetent during trial means that, “A person is mentally incompetent to stand trial if he or she is unable to understand the character and consequences of the proceedings against him or her or is unable properly to assist in his or her defense; (b) Presumption of competency. A defendant is presumed competent” (TITLE 40.1 Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals). This was something that Lorena had not participated in, she could withhold trial with no problem. 23 years later after the trial, Lorena went onto the Oprah Winfrey show to talk about her experience and pushing down so many emotions for so very long. Malingering Malingering is, “exaggerate or feign illness in order to escape duty or work” (Google Search). No evidence of malingering was involved in Lorena’s case, if anything she took on the role/title of a domestic abuse survivors, but this does not correlate to her taking a sick role of depression. She had already had that mental disease and was not escaping trial or anything, she was found competent to stand trial and was acquitted by reason of temporary
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