Management Case Study: Lorex Pharmaceutical

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Case study Name Professor Institution Course Date Executive summary Lorex pharmaceutical, deals with the production of chemicals that are used in curing diseases in human beings. The company has identified another drug that is effective in curing hypertension referred to as Linatol. The drug was produced by the company and was patented under Lorex many years ago. The company found Linatol an effective drug that could solve the problems associated with high blood pressure. The dug was then accepted by the Food and Drug Association and approved for use in curing the disease (Bodily, Carraway, Frey & Pfeifer, 1998). After the approval of Linatol, the company started deciding on ways through which the drug would be produced and the process…show more content…
The company has to decide on how well its production process will be effective and efficient both to the company and the customers. The company will have to decide on a normal distribution mode of production of Linatol and the other chemicals that the company produces. There are also other production models that may be applied in the organization (Bodily, Carraway, Frey & Pfeifer, 1998). Using the normal distribution curve, the company will make a defined decision on the amounts of Linatol that it will produce in comparison to the other drugs. Using the normal distribution curve, there will be a production of all drugs in the same amount but the variation will be seen where the company will have to produce large amounts of the drug that is highly demanded and one that will be frequently requested by the large majority of the customers. The mean and mode of the produced drugs will be close to the middle of the distribution curve while the standard deviation will be equal to…show more content…
it is therefore more likely that the company will have a small number of under filled bottles. The company applied an excellent approach of ensuring that the production machine met the requirements of the production process. They ensured that the slowest machine was applied in the production of Linatol while the fast ones were applied in the production of the commonly used drugs. This means that the company was in position to meet the demands of the different drugs while still supplying Linatol to the customers. Conclusively, setting a higher level of the amount of drug that should be filled by the machine would assist the company reduce the probability of having under filled bottles during the production

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