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CCIB received a call from Susan, her Grandmother was at the facility for four weeks, moved in 11/17/2015, Mable Werane (DOB 09/08/1914). While she was there, the family thought maybe she was having trouble adjusting to the new place as the one she lived at for 8 years had just closed. Two days after she moved in, she had a doctor appointment, her family noticed that she was wearing depends, even though she never wore them before. They discovered that the staff was not taking her to the bathroom every four hours as she was accustomed, just left her in the depends. The family also started to notice that when they changed her, they seemed to just toss her around, she would be overheard saying "Don't, Don't and Ow, Ow." The staff reported that she would be yelling and kicking when they tried to assist her to do things. The staff texted Susan, Mable has a scratch on her arm and needed a bandage, they did not know how she got it. Susan (who is an RN) arrived, she took a photo of the four inch gash/skin tear and Susan provided first aid to the wound. Mable has multiple bruises as well. The staff then wanted to shower her Grandmother, despite recommendation that they sponge bathe her because of the wound, they showered her anyway (Susan's aunt noted that the shower had feces in it). The aunt also noted feces on wipes kept in the bathroom. The family began to look for alternative placement. Susan reported that her mother was visiting during a meal time, when she overheard another resident being…show more content…
And although she has occasionally seen vegetables and fruit at meals, they are usually of the caned variety. The day she took her Grandmother out of the facility, they served her three pieces of toast with jam and French Toast. The put it on the table at 9 am and kept reheating it, until Susan said she would get her Grandmother breakfast at 11

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