Case Study: Mac Garden

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The product name is Voost, with the brand name is Mac Garden. Mac Garden is a specialist brand in plant foods: plant food for vegetables and fruits (Voost), but also for flowers, lawn, for shrubs to trees...

• What is its function?
The product is an organic fertilizer to grow a vegetable garden and effortlessly in all weather conditions. This plant food is to grow fruits, vegetables and even herbs. This plant food is perfect for all garden vegetables.
It is a biological and innovative product that fits perfectly in our environment and allows us to obtain quality products and taste. This plant food is rich in vitamins, amino acids, magnesium and trace elements that provide higher quality production of vegetable garden.

• Who is
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Their income does not yet support the minimum level of consumption. This group represents a considerable proportion, about 30 % of the population.
b) The second class: This group is composed of people working for state enterprises as well as scientists, teachers, doctors, engineers and other employees of organizations financed from the budget. They have almost the lowest level of real wages. About 90 % of their income is spent on food and necessities of life. This group is estimated at about 40 %.
c) The middle class: The middle class (estimated 20 %) consists of employees working for corporations, businesses and other organizations who earn benefits of the market economy. They spend about 35 % of their income on food.
d) The upper class is formed by so-called "new Russians": These are people who have taken their chance in economic reality. They own private enterprise, business leaders and bankers. They spend less than 5 % of their income on food. About 10 % of the population belongs to this
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From the “consumer looking out” perspective
How would you use such factors as motivation, exposure, knowledge, attitude formation, problem recognition, judgment and decision making, etc.?

• Motivation
Consumer’s motivation are eat healthy, a bio product, with a very interesting price. Consumer will be proud of them to cultivate their own vegetables. It is a natural plant food. There is no pesticide, it is a vegetal plant food. Used in organic agriculture, it is made only from natural materials that feed your vegetables gradually according to their needs. The main motivation is time gain. It is no get dirty with dissolved small beads. Voost stimulates water penetration and increases nutrient assimilation. Voost boosts your plants to their maximum health and produce beautiful vegetable.
It means a symbolic need, a need connected to the sense of self but also a hedonic need that fill a desire for sensory pleasure and emotional arousal. However, there is a performance risk. Mac Garden have to overcome these performance risk thanks to a market study, a habits consummation study, tests to be sure the product is efficient and of course a warranty “satisfaction or repayment”.

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