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Maclean Service Sdn. Bhd is one of the leading company in the cleaning industry. Maclean has been established as a well cleaning company in Malaysia and it incorporated in 1979. Simson Lim who is the CEO of Maclean, and he is also President of Entrepreneur’s Organisation of Malaysia. Maclean has more than 30 years’ experience in providing a property- based cleaning services with their mission which is engaging leading individuals to pursue service excellence; drives everything we do in our business ( Maclean ,2016) Maclean provides service in order to create a clean, comfortable and safe working environment that able to fulfil their client’s needs. Maclean provide various types of cleaning and maintenance services such as building maintenance…show more content…
There are more than 200 clients come from various market segments such as hypermarkets, warehouse, hotels and others with hiring more than 2000 expertise service crew. The first step of carpet cleaning is pre-inspection. Our trained and professional technician will take around 5min to walk around the area and check through the carpet. Move away the furniture such as sofas, chairs in order to for the cleaning carrying out the service and it estimated 15 minutes on this second step. Edge and crevice pre-vacuuming is the significant step due to most of the dirt, grit and pet hair had trapped in the most inaccessible areas like tight spaces or carpet edges. (Carpet cleaning , 2015 ) Thus, we apply edge and crevice tools which is Z-Edge Portable Handheld Powerful Vacuum Cleaner and it take around 20min. (Figure 1) Firstly, we keep the vacuum moving slowly around the area, use crevice attachment on the vacuum cleaner and vacuum each edge in the house of office before vacuum the carpet. We will vacuum through the carpet for…show more content…
For example, the machine hours for Carpet cleaning service is 4 hours out of total 8 hours per day, then RM 33.5 is cost allocated to Carpet cleaning service. The cost allocation for electricity will depends on the time based. For example, Maclean Company will operate 25 day in a month and Carpet cleaning service will be used up 6 hour out of 8 hour in a day. Thus, [(2hours x 25day) / (8 hours x 25 day)] x RM 4000, then RM1000 is the cost for electricity allocated to Carpet cleaning service. The first problem faced by Maclean Services Sdn. Bhd. that offered cleaning services for customers compared to manufacturing concern is the cost unit for measuring the quantity of service performed in the service industry is difficult to specify because services result in changes, in many cases the basic unit is intangible. For example, in a service industry, we may face a lot of uncertain situation before we carry on our service. For example, when there is full of broken glass that scattered around the house, and thus our company has to increase our labour to clean up the area before we carry on carpet cleaning service. This may subsequently increase our labour

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