Case Study: Maisey's Daisies

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This paper will discuss Maisey’s Daisies, a family-owned flower shop founded in 2008. This medium-sized business founded just eight years ago is in need of revival and has plans. The business has a culture similar to that of a small family. The organization is very flat having only owners, managers and employees. Employees are viewed as partners and are treated with dignity and respect. Maisey’s Daisies has a five-year expansion plan to become a leading provider of products and services to small businesses, however similar to flowers, if this business is going to take root and grow it will need the proper care, nurturing and attention. The business will need a comprehensive talent management program and additional staff to maximize the small…show more content…
All employees regardless of age, gender, religion, sexual preference, or physical ability will be treated equally. All will be respected, treated with dignity and valued for their unique differences. Maisey’s Daisies is inclusive and will live out these values in all its business dealings. Human resources will conduct regular monitoring to identify any possible discrimination or bias. Maisey’s Daisies will put employees first seeking to develop and care for each employee. Employee engagement is an important tool to ensure this occurs. Each functional unit will be asked to put forward a representative that embodies our values to serve on an employee engagement committee, which is to meet monthly. Regular surveys will also be conducted to seek the feedback of all staff and make adjustments as needed. SUMMARY &…show more content…
The company is now set to expand its customer base from B2C to also include B2B. However, if the organization is to be successful, it will need to manage talent and compensation well. The establishment of an HR department is an important first step toward this goal. Once deployed and the subsequent B2B staff is in place, the organization will have all the pieces in place to be successful. Recruiting and hiring talent, identifying high-performers and building succession plans will bring in and develop the right leadership to deliver

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