Case Study: Managing Diversity At Johnson & Johnson

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Background: Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational pharmaceutic, costumer packaged goods and medicinal equipment manufacturer founded in 1886. It is headquartered based in New Brunswick, New Jersey and being listed between the Fortune five hundred. The company includes some two hundred and forty secondary business with operations in over fifty five countries and products sold in over one hundred and eighty five countries. Johnson & Johnson and its business have approximately one hundred and thirty thousand employees around the world engaged in the development and research, manufacture and sale of a vast range of products in the healthcare industry. The Company manages their worldwide business virtually as a main focus the products association to medicinal health and well-being. (Johnson & Johnson, 2012). Johnson & Johnsons Philosophy: A deeply believed set of values that have provided as the strategic and moral bound for generations of Johnson & Johnson management. - They believe their first responsibility is to the doctors, patients and nurses to fathers and mothers and everyone who use their products and services. To meet their needs everything they do must be of high quality and service. - They are responsible for their workforce, the men and women who work with them all around the world. They respect their workers dignity and they do recognize their merit. - They are responsible to the locality where they live and work. - They have a final responsibility to their

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