Case Study: Mary Scherbeh

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July 29, 2015 @ 4:00pm with Mary Scherbeh by Caseworker Cheryl Pellette Ms. Scherbeh stated she was stress because of CPS has come out to her home on July 20, and 24th. She had visit a from investigator Tammy Mann. The landlord Russell Blake is the one who is calling because they broke up. Mr. Blake use to live with in the residence. The police came because Mr. Blake called them. They made Mr. Blake leave the residence. Ella has Mr. Blake last name but she is not his biological child. There is no flooring or wood in the living room. Ms. Scherbeh stated she sold the flooring by July 25. She denied Ella was not in the dry. John is never left alone to care for Ella. He helps when she is at home to watch him. July 29, 2015 @ 4:14pm with…show more content…
John Scherbeh(13) 12/5/2001, Ella Blake ( 1),Michael (Mike) Guess, Mary Scherbeh 10/23/79. Janie Scherbeh (18) Weimar,Texas , Kaylee Scherbeh (16) Weimar. John Scherbeh lives in El Paso talk to him on facebook Kira (girl friend.) Autumn stated she feel safe at home. She stated her mom is honest and really caring. Autumn stated her mom puts her children before herself. Autumn stated her mom has a real loud voice. In the morning it loud and she wakes her up. Autumn went to the doctor today for a check. Autumn take care of herself and her mom takes of her brother and sister. Her mom takes care of all the children when they are sick. She stated she gets enough food. She has been left alone and she knows what to do in an emergency. She denied that John has been left alone with Ella. She denied Ella been left in a dryer. Her mom turns off the WFi or take away phone for discipline. They have not gotten spanking since they were little. Ms. Scherbeh spanks Ella on the butt with an open hand once or twice and says no. Autumn denied physical abuse, domestic violence, no sexual abuse, no alcohol, no drug, no one has touched her private parts. The police has been out to the home because Mr. Blake and Ms. Scherbeh was fighting. They told Mr. Blake he had to

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