Case Study: Master's Degree Nurse

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I decided to attend Chamberlain College of Nursing (CCN) because of its excellent structure of Master 's Degree Nursing program. The proof lies in the availability of variety classes which I believe would undoubtedly prepare me for my advanced practice in nursing, for example, the course of Nursing Informatics which I did not find in any other reviewed online curriculum. I feel confident that this program will prepare me for this new professional endeavor at the same time realizing the importance that every nurse with master 's degree education, per the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (2011) must acquire the fundamental principles related to the knowledge and skills. I am very encouraged to see that CCN is reflecting these…show more content…
Secondly, as I compare CCN 's philosophy exposition side by side with the Master 's Education Essentials, the multidisciplinary approach was emphasized in both areas through underlining team collaboration, interprofessional communication, collegiality and respect (CCN). Additionally, the partnership should not only extend to health professionals but also to experts in technology, computer, and informatics as the need for technology grows (Godsall & Foronda, 2012). Another common goal mentioned in CCN philosophy and Essentials is a development of clinical judgment based on scientific findings and humanities, with an assistance of technology to improve nursing practice as well as patient care. Thirdly, the Essentials resonate CCN program 's outcomes through acknowledgment of one of the most important aspects of my profession, in my opinion, the quality improvement and safety. Accordingly, the requirement of Advanced Nursing is to maintain a safe patient environment along with utilization of evidence-practice findings, which would allow to "evaluate the design, implementation, and outcomes of strategies developed to meet health care needs" (CCN). Moreover, the advanced…show more content…
Despite the similarities of AACN and the CCN statements, there are a couple of important differences. One of them is the "holistic education model" (CCN) which underlines a care for self, care for others, care for colleagues and students, whereas the Essentials, mainly focus on the patient care and preparation of the advanced nurse to serve others via outstanding skills and knowledge. The second noted variation is that the CNN philosophy addresses three means to become an extraordinary nurse: education, empowerment, and emboldening students. Although the learning process and a continuous professional development are an essential component of advanced nursing practice, in this case rightfully so, the teaching is focused strictly on students who are pursuing an MSN degree and not on nurses who are already functioning in that role. Moreover, the CCN goal is to encourage students in their learning to accomplish a very challenging professional objective to be proficient in their future positions. One may argue that expert nurses are self-directed at education and empowerment; however, that depends on individual 's character and desire to conduct themselves
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