Case Study Meeker

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1. In my opinion Randy has difficult decision to make, because he needs to go against his boss. His supervisor Cheryl asked him to make illegal action. I think he shouldn’t listen to his supervisor, but do it in accordance with his conscience and as he was trained. Instead of changing expiration dates by three months of over-the- counter medication, he should offer a credit to their clients. It is the honest and legal procedure, which was used in past. Also, if his supervisor will be angry at him, he should talk to the manager. I think if he listens to his supervisor, there is a serious risk he could lose his job if he gets caught. 2. According to Cheryl, their competitors offer similar products with longer expiration date. She thinks that Meeker’s medication will not harm if used after expiration date. It is not accurate perspective because if this illegal action will be…show more content…
Randy has different responsibility to his stakeholders. Stakeholders involved in this case are: patients of the hospital, administration of hospital and Meeker. First, Randy is concern about using over-the-counter medication after the expiration date. He remembers using them by himself after the date and it didn’t hurt him. However, if something happened to the patient, he will be responsible for it, not his supervisor. . Next, Randy is concerned about the hospital administration staff. His “new policy” will be dishonest. If they find out his illegal action, he will be responsible for it, not Cheryl. Finally, Randy works for Meeker and supposed to be devoted to them. He supposed to listen to his supervisor, but it would be against his conscience. He knows his responsibility, because he was trained. If the illegal action will get caught, Randy risks losing his job. His supervisor for sure will not take responsibility for it. The best option would be doing right thing, so give them credit for expired products and if it is necessary, talk with higher manager about whole
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