The Theme of Hustling in 'Gang Leader for a Day'

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8. Chp 5 Sudhir tells JT that he is frustrated with Ms. Bailey. Sudhir has to learn to be patient and taught by JT and Ms. Bailey. Why are these important lessons for someone doing ethnographic research to learn and practice? Give and explain several reasons? How does this approach fit the lessons in our book, Ministering Cross Culturally? Sudhir decided to start talking to Ms. Bailey on a regular basis. He usually went to talk to her during her office hours she reserved for open visitations from tenants. When a tenant came by, Ms. Bailey would ask Sudhir to leave, therefore, their longest conversation lasted around fifteen minutes. She also remained very formal with Sudhir, keeping her guard up. She made sure to never share details…show more content…
Chp 6 This chapter talks about Sudhir as both the Hustler and the Hustled. Explain and give more than one example of how Sudhir is hustling others and explain and give more than one example of how he is also being hustled by others. Is this just a normal part of research or is this unethical?…show more content…
For example, Sudhir is a hustler because he will do anything to get what he wants. In this particular case, he wants information. In many instances he hustled people for stories, data, interviews, and facts. He said he did this to make his research more interesting. One particular instance was when he talked to J.T.’s mom Ms. Mae. While talking to her, Sudhir was very adamant about asking her all about J.T. and how she felt about his gang and drug life. Basically all his interviews with the residents show him hustling. He came in knowing the questions he wanted answered. Sometimes he never got to ask these questions, but always found ways to get the answers he wanted because the people of Robert Taylor know they can do something for him. Sudhir also gets hustled through Gang Leader for a Day. For example, while Ms. Bailey is talking to him about hustling and telling the police about his notes she hustles him. She told him that if he ever did tell the police, everyone is Robert Taylor would find him and hurt him, and then told him not to tell anybody. He was again hustled by Ms. Bailey when he asked her if he could talk to the “hustlers” of Robert Taylor. Ms. Bailey only let him talk to the people she knew were the ones who wouldn’t speak out of line. She did this in order to try and hide the fact that she took a cut from everyone who did business in her building. This made it very hard to get

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