Case Study: Mr. Olaf

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Mr.Olaf's symptoms consist of a Staphylococcal infection causing secondary cellulitis. The symptoms of cellulitis and staph infection are a red rash and continued swelling of arm, fever, and painful to the touch. Staphylococcal bacteria could have entered the body system before Mr. Olaf could flush and cleaned the wound. Staphylococcal could have entered the wound while Mr.Olaf was in the doctor's office for the initial exam, certain bacterias have been known to can be found in medical facilities. The other diagnosis could be Contact Dermatitis, Poison Ivy or Oak. Mr. Olaf lives in an area that poison ivy/oak is found. The red rash, blisters on the skin, pain, and swelling of the arm are some of the symptoms. It takes 12 to 48 hours

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