Case Study: Myron Chamblee

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Information gathered:
HR was contacted via email by Lacey Forsythe (Administrative Assistant II) regarding a comment Myron Chamblee (Mechanic Automotive Advanced Journey) made to her.

Written statement from Lacey Forsythe:
On July 8th Myron came into the office and expressed his interested in an opening in Barrow. He then said “if I stay in Kotzebue I might get shot”. He explained there is an M&O employee who threatens to take him out back and shoot him when they disagree. The M&O guy laughs it off as no big deal afterwards but is “red faced” mad when he says it. He does it to others and it is tolerated as just how he is. Myron wasn’t ready to tell me who, said he wanted to try to record it with his phone. I told him as a supervisor I’m obligated
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Management is also concerned that Andrew has not taken the Memorandum of Expectations and the Employee Conduct seriously and have failed to behave respectfully in the workplace.

When considering other cases, (1) a mechanic received a 1-day suspension after being disrespectful and using foul language against a co-worker; this was after receiving two LOEs prior regarding demonstrating respectful and professional behavior. (2) An AMHS employee was suspended for 3 days for violating the Respectful Workplace Policy when he sent an inappropriate/disrespectful email to his supervisor; this was after receiving two letters of instructions. (3) A Fairbanks International Airport employee received a 1-day suspension after aggressively confronting a co-worker; he received a letter of instruction previously.
The mitigator in this case is the fact that this behavior is seen as “normal” shop talk. Even though, management has provided the tools to inform the crew. With this, management believes that a Letter of Reprimand will suffice and he will also address this behavior issue in the shop himself by doing a group consultation; and also, separately with the foreman for him to understand the importance of stopping the behavior

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