Case Study: Nissan Motor Company And Its Different Models

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About Nissan Company & its different models Nissan Motor Company Ltd. is an automotive manufacturer & it is well known around the world. Currently Nissan is the sixth largest automaker across the world & third largest automaker in Japan. Nissan continues its research to deliver highly innovative technology and optimize product development. Today, in various countries and regions around the world, Nissan Motor Company Ltd. has an amazing reputation for creating genuine innovative vehicles and service programs. Though Nissan Motors had founded its first independent factory in Yokohama in, 1934, the roots of the company started with Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works in 1911. The first production vehicle of this company is known as DAT. Then the company…show more content…
Nissan offer the cars at low price. Nissan has already introduced different engine patterns and the horsepower is also quite economical. 02. Nissan’s all time most popular & best-selling car is Nissan Altima. It has a high performance by a large stylish body and the technology used in this car is the advanced version. It has two different kinds of engine. The transmission system of this car is highly maintained at a constant rate. The horsepower is 182 with an engine of 4- cylinder. 03. Nissan is a top rated brand among the automakers. It also one of the oldest car manufacturers. Internationally Nissan has more than 80 years of automobile manufacturing experience. Beside of this, it also has a reputation for building good looking, technological, sporty and economical vehicles. 04. Nissan Vehicles have a good resale value. It is highly rated by consumers. Nissan’s cars are also exceptionally reliable from a mechanical perspective. 05. Nissan is very reliable because Nissan has consistently been voted as one of the top 10 reliable automotive brands in the world as they use only the best automotive technology to build cars that are safe, tough, easy on the eye and reliable. Nissan’s efficient VQ engines also have topped in list of top ten best engines…show more content…
Among the automakers, Nissan is the key market player in the U.S. It took more than two decades for Nissan Motors to gain a stronghold over US market. In 1958, it entered into the US market. It faced a lot of competition from automobile juggernauts. But it succeeded by putting a marvellous impression on its buyers for its cost effective approach which is cannot be denied. Today Nissan Motor Company offers 18 different models in the US market and continues to merge in new markets. The company is aggressively pursuing new technologies in order to increase efficiency for all of its vehicles. Previously Nissan was dependent on the Toyota motor company for its hybrid and EV technologies but now it has started its own division of hybrid vehicles. Nissan now produces over 4 million vehicles annually worldwide. Nissan Company has over 150,000 employees. They have expanded into divisions such as Infiniti, Infiniti Performance Line, Nismo and

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