Case Study: Nissan Motor Manufacturing

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Part 1
This report has two parts focusing on the inventory management through the case study of a particular firm. The author has chosen Nissan the car manufacturing company in Northeast England because its success is based highly due to its supply chain. The first part describes its warehouse management and its value chain and concludes on the modal choice. The second part highlights the merits of the company’s success due to its factory location and also discusses its stock control methodology at the time challenging situations like demandvariations, price factors pressures, and other issues. Finally it also tries to assess the role of technology to attain sustainability.

Company profile: Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd.
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Ensuring clear understanding of expectations, shared goals and objectives of the third party lead logistics is fundamentally the adopted approach with all suppliers and logistics providers. There is a standardised approach between Renault and Nissan while working worldwide which helps in terms of speed of execution and also the dependability and value in the supply chain. The supply chain in Nissan is a key enabler for the business and has a very good standing within the Nissan community. The standardized, global approach means that it is very easy for the logistics provider to comprehend requirements and to be consistent irrespective of whether it is and developing market or an established market. The following map demonstrates the close proximity of the warehouse of…show more content…
Europe proves to be the sales hub by promoting 70% of total number of cars sold under the company name. The Chief Planning Officer, Nissan was quoted saying “We build cars for Europe in the UK.” (KPMG, Interview Program April 2014). Industry leaders, MPs and senior executives appreciated the outstanding work at Nissan and its massive team efforts when it was listed as the first site in UK’s history to manufacturemore than 1,000,000 cars in period of two years.
Thus success logistics depend solely on the mechanics of its operation and the revolution There lies a multifaceted and international supplier network behind each manufacturing plant.“Nissan’s Sunderland facility is at the forefront of the UK’s automotive industry and is a key driver behind tens of thousands of engineering and manufacturing jobs, not only in the North East, but throughout the country as a whole” informed Mick Thompson, office senior partner at KPMG in

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