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NIVEA is a brand by one of the famous international skin care company named Beiersdorf introduced in 1911 in Germany and further developed over the years. The company is present across the globe offering its range of skin care cream for every age, every gender, and every need people have. The company had expanded into many new markets in South and Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia. It is present across all cosmetics and toiletries.
Nivea name came from Latin word, nives, meaning ‘snow’__ reflecting the snow-white color of Nivea Crème. As the world, multi-purpose, “universal” cream, Nivea was quickly adopted for the use by entire family. As BDF expanded its range of product offerings it maintained a “mono-product” philosophy typically offering one multi-purpose product in each skin care market segment. The brand identity of Nivea was a “caretaker” of skin. Nivea has become strongly associated with shared family experiences and had a rich set of other brand associations such as “care”, “mildness”, “reliability”, “gentleness”, “protection”, “high quality”, “feeling good”, and other “reasonably priced”.
The first challenge faced by Nivea in the late 1960s and early 1970s was it faced competition in 60 years. Henkel-Khasana a small German toiletries company and subsidiary of Henkel, launched its own multi-purpose crème which was a direct copy of Nivea Crème. Other companies including Ponds, Unilever, and

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