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INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT Name: Dinah Ashia Index No: 05AG0115064 E-mail: Contact: +233 261234939 / +233 209532642 School: Staffordshire University Campus: Ghana Technology University College; Accra Study Program: Global Strategic Management Date: 16th June, 2015 OUTLINE Introduction Mission Statement Problem Identification Situational Analysis and Relevant Facts Alternative Solutions Recommendation(s) & Justification INTRODUCTION Case Study Summary Nokia Corporation the Finnish mobile communications firm in less than 10 years metamorphised from a domestic Finnish conglomerate to a dominant global player in mobile telephony delivering almost 30 percent annual compound growth in revenues during 1992-2000 while shedding businesses that had accounted for almost 90 percent of its 1988 shares. By spring 2000, Nokia had the highest margins in the mobile phone industry, Nokia is the world’s leading cellular phone maker and the pioneer of the mobile Internet, a negative debt-equity ratio, the most valuable non-U.S. brand in the world, one of Europe’s largest companies by market capitalization, a presence in 140 countries, and unique corporate structures, processes and culture that gave it the feel of “a small company soul in a big

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