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OKO is a company that was founded in 1990, that carries a vast number of tools containing cooking, household cleaning, baby and toddler products, organization and storage, bath cleaning, office and tools and barware (OXO: Advertising and Public Relations). Its mission is providing innovative consumer products that make everyday living easier (Award Winning Cooking Tools). OXO has a philosophy of Universal Design, which means the designs of products are usable by as many people as possible. Sam Farber, an entrepreneur in the housewares industry, came up with the idea when he noticed “his wife Betsey was having difficulty gripping ordinary kitchen tools due to a slight case of arthritis in her hands.” (OXO: Advertising and Public Relations) Farber…show more content…
Initially, OXO’s most profitable customers were those who were seeking comfort in kitchen tools, but the company realized that people of all ages and ailments were interested in the brand. Now the company targets as many people as possible within the behavioral, demographic and psychographic segmentation variables. OXO’s behavioral characteristics are those who prepare and cook their own meals often, host dinner parties stay home long hours or are entertainers and look for the top of the line name brand products (OXO Portfolio). OXO’s demographic consumers are a mix of women and men, but majority married females, younger and physically impaired and those ages 18-60 that have more education and make more money (OXO Portfolio). The psychographic segmentation consists of consumers who value quality and comfort, willing to spend more on kitchen related items and are loyal to a brand (OXO Portfolio). Early adopters are the target of many other kitchen gadget marketers (Bruner II and…show more content…
Before designing a product, they first consider the need of a variety of users such as those young and old, male and female, left-hand and right-hand and many others with special needs. OXO has proven successful in convincing potential customers that their kitchen tools add more value than other similar offerings, as well as differentiating them in brand as the leader in universal design. OXO faces competition from low and high end companies. Copycat competition from lower end competitors, such as EZ-grip, have products that are made to look “ergonomic” and high end professional brand competitors like Global, with little to no benefit (OXO Portfolio). OXO, however, still maintains its competitive edge in the marketplace, largely because customers are buying based on what they know OXO’s kitchen gadgets and tools will do for them (OXO

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