Case Study Of Ac. Jaques

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While on station after transporting Deadrick Allen, this officer (Ofc. J. Jaques #64) was told by Det Sgt. Sibley #42 to place Allen into cell #3. While in the process of searching Allen 's person before placing him into the cell I located a small ziplock style baggy filled with a green and brown plantlike substance in his front right small front pocket. After removing the baggy Allen began being uncooperative. This officer requested multiple times for Allen to place his hands behind his head so that I could take his belt off and he replied, "Dont fucking touch me." At this time Cmd Martin #35 exited his officer to assist with Allen who was becoming increasingly aggressive. After getting the belt off Allen officers asked Allen to please slip off his shoes …show more content…

At this time officers assisted Allen to the floor. While on the floor this officer took a full rear mounted position and gained control of Allen by pinning his left shoulder to the floor. Cmd Martin was then able to remove Allen 's shoes. Allen then stated he would no longer fight with officer and would be cooperative. After officers assisted him back to his feet, Allen was placed into cell #3. All contraband located on Allen was given to Det Sgt Sibley #42 prior to this officer clearing the

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