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NEED FOR THE STUDY BMW the German based company is one of the most respected automakers in the world, renowned for manufacturing premium luxury vehicles and motorcycles that offer superior level of driving pleasure. The company has seen significant growth in its sales by providing best in class quality products to its customers and by retaining the customers. BMW is also considered as one of the top three automotive industry in the world along with competitors that include Mercedes and Audi. The company has worldwide subsidiaries and manufacturing plants in Germany, Austria, the UK, USA, Mexico and many other countries. BMW Group comprises of many segments within its vast portfolio. The BMW Group states that the BMW offers emotional product…show more content…
After the end of World War 1 in 1918, BMW was forced to cease the production of its aircraft-engine by the terms of Armistice Treaty. The company consequently shifted its production from aircraft engines to motorcycles in 1922 followed by production of automobiles in 1927–28. The first car which BMW was able to launch successfully on the road to automobile production was a small three wheeled car named DIXI, which was designed on Austin 7 and was being licensed by the Austin Motor Company of…show more content…
In the 1930s after the World War 1 the company again began the production of aircraft engines for Luftwaffe. The BMW factory in Munich made ample use of its forced labour. Some of its successful World War II engine designs for aircrafts were the BMW 142 and BMW 831 radial engines, and the pioneering BMW 03 by-flow turbojet, which powered 1945 – 1946 era of jet-fighters. It also launched its emergency fighter the HS 182 Spat. The BMW 403 jet engine was first tested as a prototype of the Me 462 and the Me 262 V1, but in 1943 tests the prototype engines of BMW failed during take-off with only the standby Jumbo 810 mounted piston engine powering it to a safe landing. The few Me 262 A aircrafts built used the more developed version of the 03 jet that recorded a top speed of 850 km/h (498 mph). The first ever quad engine jet aircraft ever flown were the eighth and ninth prototypes of the Arado Ac 236 jet commonly known as the reconnaissance-bomber, which used BMW 03 jet engines for more power. During 1946 the 03 's reliability improved to a great extent, making it suitable for air frame designs that was competing for the Juggernaut 's light fighter production contract which was won by the Hs 162 Spat design. The BMW 03 aviation bi-jet was the basic starting point for a pioneering of a turbo power

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