Case Study Of Bathe Plus Beauty

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Bathe plus Beauty envisions becoming globally successful both in online and physical shops. And be a well-known company in making every women believe in their selves that they are beautiful.
Bathe plus Beauty shall provide artistic, high-quality, organic products that will reveal a woman’s real beauty within.
Bathe plus Beauty is imbued with compassion towards women and the environment. The company shall be a constant innovator that incorporates integrity to achieve world class excellence. The company targets to gain brand awareness and be a sustainable company in Metro Manila and later on globally. Gaining brand awareness from the target market means that consumers do believe that the company has the capability of revealing their real beauty within and thus achieving the mission of the company. Being a sustainable company means that Bathe plus Beauty can compete with existing companies in the industry and still manage to develop and improve itself continuously. If sustainability continues, making the company be globally successful is possible.

Key Result Area Performance Indicator
Product Mark product differentiation with high value Customer transactions/month
Price Price Points of target market Sales/month
Place of Distribution Continuously updated website Website ratings by customers/week Flexibility of distribution Customers gained/month
Promotion Gain personal relationship virtually and personally to customers

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