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Distinctive Competency

Bella couture’s core competency is Innovation - It’s mobile application has an option to allow customers to design their clothes on their own. It is basically a 3D character in which you can choose the size comparatively to the customer’s original size then they can choose to fit from the ready made clothes available.From that process they can take things further, like add some details on it, choose the color and more. It is the first ever mobile application that has this specific feature. It is based on a dressing up game with more realistic details like The Sims.

Customization - in related to the earlier statement, customers can personalize their clothes based on their own preference.
Accessible anytime and anywhere
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As they grow, those things stayed the core focus of their business. So the only thing that completely change within the company to what it is now is Innovation. They were able to serve our customer well with new designs or the design they want through the technology we applied. This technology has caused an 85% increase on their sale the same year it was launch.

What is its potential ?

Bella couture will look at the chances of opening more shops across the other emirates specifically Abu dhabi to serve untapped markets. The said organization is as well open to the expansion of their clothing line.

iii. Plan of action

What actions are available to the organization?

Making online purchase more comfortable for the old customers and and user-friendly to new customers.

This project is proposed to make the online purchase easier to the customers. It also a solution for the Returns and Refund issue the company is now facing.
Catch the attention of new customers in many different ways
Partner with arab influencers to help promote the organization
Sponsor events and open kiosk in exhibits to expose the product of the quality
Push in Social Media platforms
Have a good communication and create relationship with the
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So the company should push in a lot of marketing that will help the buyers to choose Bella couture.

Competitor: The competitor when they see that Bella couture is having more exposure and created demand in the market. They will try to bring up something new to get back on track or even imitate the same strategy.

Have a good communication and create relationship with the customers.

Buyer: The customers like to give regular feedback about the product after the purchase. So if company has a good customer services team to collect regular feedbacks and update to the customers it will be a big benefit for the company. If the relationship is strong the customer will always remember the company.

Competitor: To attract more people other companies will build their customer relationship stronger. So the company can get more customers who are willing to buy their product.

Will the action enhance or reduce the organization ability to compete in the future?
Yes, these actions will definitely help the organization prosper in the future. Bella couture’s strategic course of actions will focus more on building the brand name in the

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