Case Study Of Benchmarking Ericson's HR Practices

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Benchmarking Ericsson’s HR practices

Genpact is a multinational IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm that was formed as a business unit of General Electric in 1999. It became an independent unit in 2005. Genpact has been growing rapidly with revenue of $2.31billion and more than 64000 employees in over 25 countries.
Genpact offers services to its clients by helping them devise Global Business Services strategy which include small interventions or larger aspects such as designing, building and improving services.

HR Systems at Genpact
Genpact believes in the power of an effective and motivated workforce in positively transforming an organization. Their HR department known as the ‘People Function’ takes care of the end to
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Hiring Arm – responsible for selectively recruiting the candidate that best fits the role. It has two separate teams – one for executive hiring above AVP level and one for mass hiring for manager level and below. The hiring vertical is involved in the employee development process from the very beginning: understanding the requirements, selecting the best out of a talent pool and estimating their cost
2. General HR Vertical – assists and supports the rest of the lifecycle of the employee in the company
3. Training and Development Team – facilitates constant learning and growth of employees
Genpact is an employee-oriented organization and facilitates an open culture. The People Function plays a critical role in helping the employees build a fruitful career. People function at Genpact has played a significant role in promoting a culture which emphasizes on customer centricity, team work and continuous process improvement.

HR Best Practices at
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‘All Employee Meet’ and ‘All Managers Meet’ are two events which are conducted on a monthly basis to foster communication between various levels. Straight talk is an online web chat tool which allows employees to interact with CoE leaders directly to raise their concerns.
Buddy Program – Buddy program is an integral part of the New Employee Integration Program aimed at providing single touch point for all the new joinees in order to help them get acquainted to the Genpact environment and processes. It helps in better employee engagement and reduces the feeling of getting lost in the organization.
EWS – Early Warning System – This tool helps identify potential attrition cases and prioritize mitigation efforts. It ensures action is taken pro-actively and not after resignation. The tool helps identify potential attrition by assessing the employees on High Impact Factors (Performance assessment, Leaves, External Interviews etc.) and Independent Manager’s assessment. The tool consists of a set of 20 questions which is filled by the respective supervisors. Based on high, medium and low (or zero) level of potential attrition, the employees are rated as Red, Yellow and Green which have the following

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