Case Study Of Blue Dart

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Introduction Blue Dart is South Asia’s leading courier and integrated package-distribution company. It was established in the year 1983. It went public in 1994 and became a DHL group company in the year 2005. It has achieved excellence in terms of service and expanded its network throughout India with over 34,154 locations and also servicing 220 countries worldwide through its group company DHL. It has revenues exceeding INR 1.93 billion and profit after tax of INR 0.188 billion for F.Y. 2013-14. Business Strategy A plan developed for interacting with competitive environment to achieve an organization’s goals is known as strategy. We can analyze Blue Dart’s business strategy on the basis of Miles and Snow’s Strategy Typology. This is based on the idea that managers seek to formulate strategies that will be congruent with the external environment. As per the typology there are four strategies that are: • Prospector • Defender • Analyzer • Reactor Blue Dart is presently following an Analyzer strategy. It is the leader in India and South Asia in courier and integrated package distribution. It has created a brand and credibility for itself since its establishment in 1983. It has garnered a 52 percent market share in air express category as compared to 49 percent market share in 2012 whereas it has 14.5 percent market share in ground express category in 2013 over 13.3 percent in 2012.[1] As per the above statistic, it is growing while keeping its core customers.The core

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