Case Study Of Bon Appétit: Food-Service Management

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Bon Appétit is the on-site restaurant company offering full food-service management at St. Olaf College. St. Olaf’s cafeteria is nationally ranked for its outstanding on-compass dining. We chose to research Bon Appétit here on campus because they not only provide quality products and services, but they are also large contributors to the culture here on campus. They provide a welcoming atmosphere for students and faculty alike and are constantly adapting to suit the desires of their customers here on campus.The companies mission is to authentically create great food that is stable for the environment. In the nineteen eighties the industry standard for college and corporate cafeterias were simply making casseroles and mystery meats, served glop by glop out of steam tables. You were out of luck looking for companies with healthy food initiatives. The eventual owners of Bon Appétit, Fedele Bauccio and Ernie Collins, were the minority in the food service giant Saga Corporation hoping to push this new-age healthy initiative. Bauccio and Collins were convinced that cutting-edge employers and educators were ready for a different kind of food service. So they bought Bon Appétit Catering, a San Francisco-based catering company known for its incredible food presentation, and relaunched it as Bon Appétit Management Company. The new company hired chefs to cook fresh, restaurant-quality food from scratch. The food-perks arms race began in the young Silicon Valley. Bon Appétit now

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