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Online Marketing, it is an art and also the science of selling products or services over thousands of digital networking’s, such as the cellular phone networks and Internet. Online marketing refers to advertising and marketing the efforts, that use web and email and to drive sale electronic commerce, in addition sales leads from Web sites or emails. And also it is known as internet marketing. And this Web marketing includes e-commerce web sites, promotional or informative web sites affiliate marketing web sites, online advertising on several search engines. E mail marketing includes not only advertising and promotional marketing efforts but also the messages to current customers. is an online accommodation website
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can guarantees the better prices for any kind of the property, from very small, family oriented and breakfasts to the whole executive apartments and luxury five-star suites. The independent accommodations can also concentrates, and they plan to open a sister site very recently by is very truly international and can available about 40 languages, and can offers 1,064,859 active properties in 227 territories and countries. IT strategy of making money from out of hotels, we cannot sea any user request in the website to pay for the service. Generally categorize the hotels according to the premium listing membership and can list and promote the hotels according to the hotel’s package and consumer’s search parameters.
Like other companies, faces the problem of “chicken and egg”. In simply means whether we can start with the customer side of the product or the product’s product side. simply solve this issue by offering their free services to the hotels. Once they can made sure they can generate sufficient content to have, they can started making the consumer’s side website and after this success, they can went on and starting traffic charges for these
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As the travelers can prefer visiting one of the website to search and also compare the many of the hotels instead of finding or opening many hotel websites, can also specializes in being the very best platform for hotel searching and booking. For each night that can sells for a hotel, and they have commission of a 15%-20%. Like that can attract very more customers, and they engage very heavily in the Search Engine Marketing. It results all like this hotel websites and can force the travelers to book the hotels through and can generate a commission
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