Case Study Of Brexit

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Abstract Enable to analyze the Europe economic instability; budget deficits and resulting austerity affect the hospitality industry by select the ?Brexit? case. ?Brexit ? is the abbreviation form of Britain might withdraw from EU. British as one of the world developed countries the impacts of withdraw might be significant. To examines the prospects for one of the European states- British in the context of globalization. It is the combination of national debt and spending limits, plus Dynamic tax resistance, to evaluate the beneficial consequences for social policy and economic management. The place of European welfare to be more emphasis on ?Dynamic equality? .The study will using the secondary data by case study to establish the demand of hospitality industry within the ?Brexit?.…show more content…
Robin Brooks, chief of the currency strategist the drag of British prospects, will increase the overseas investors concerns ? the capital which goes into the United Kingdom may be interrupted, causing the pound sharply lower. Over last few months the rapid decline in the GBP has coincided the rising concern around ?Brexit.?The huge hospitality market to fragment the dynamic situation the study will be the influence of the industry and evaluate the demand. In this article we will take the different view from the SWOT analyzed and the PESTE analyzed of the British market how to adapt to the growing industry and if it will be influence from the market
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