Case Study Of Caffe Vergnano

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PRODUCT Caffe Vergnano delivers more than just a cup of coffee; it offers the warm and tranquil Italian ambience that resonates well with the customers. Discussions will be done on how the product will be presented to the customers in the new market in terms of packaging, design features, branding and service delivery to ensure product success. According to the Data hero, Canada is ranked twelfth in the top fifteen counties in coffee consumption per capita in the world. On average, Canada consumes 1 cup per day per capita. Consumers in Canada are keeping up with the global trend of demanding value for their money. According to a trade show held in Canada, an estimated 64% of Canadians drink coffee daily.14 When customers visit a coffee shop, they mostly wish to buy take-away, seat and eat within or buy the grinded coffee itself. The Caffe will have various chic mugs for various coffee orders (e.g. espresso, cappuccino, mocha, etc.) For the take-away, they will have disposable eco-friendly cups that can also be recycled afterwards and extra covers for protection from the hot coffee. The quality of a company’s products is utmost importance. Customers will not pay for an espresso-based drink if they do not feel it tastes twice as good. To ensure loyalty and preference of cus¬tomers, the qual¬ity must be permanent. The coffee excellence depends of the qual¬ity of the beans; and also of all the process and techniques used and required to obtain a coffee of quality with an

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