How Is Chipotle Mexican Grill Successful

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Running head: CMG CASE STUDY 1


Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.
Jacqueline C. Tuncap
BUSN601 Entrepreneurship
Dr. Bob Barrett
August 14, 2016

Do you think CMG is a successful company? Defend your stance with research application.
Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. opened their doors in 1993 and have been very successful company since. It is one of the biggest and well know food chain restaurants in the United States. They opened their doors in 1993. Success is measured in many different ways, Chipotle Mexican Grill seems to have satisfied almost all the various ways to be successful. Some people classify success as growth, CMG has grown with 1700 chains within the United States and other countries. Another way a company
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faces the same issues that all other companies? face, competition. There are many other big named companies out there such a McDonalds, Chilies, Applebee?s, etc. In addition to these big branded companies, they also face other restaurants, whether they run franchises or not. CMG continues to compete side by side these big/small business by standing by what they have always pride themselves in and that?s the quality food, cultural impact, tasty food, brand name, fast service, better pricing and consumer services (McGrath, 2013) CMG has many resources to help them remain competitive. They?re strategy to this is simple, they focus their time and energy to satisfying the customers and keeping them as a priority as opposed to making their competitors. Another resource they have available is the 1700 locations they have. This ensure that they are able to reach out to every customer they possible can. CMG intends to promote the significant Mexican culture in offering its products. They know never to underestimate their competitors and to continue to focus on preparing better food, trying out different ingredients to indorse a healthier and tastier menu. They continue to strengthen their approach to maintaining their current customers and reach out to get even…show more content…
They need to keep up with consumer preferences and always look towards improvement. CMG should also ensure some amount of differentiation in its activities. CMG should ensure that its products are different in a good way from those of its competitors. This would help to maintain customer loyalty and even help to attract new customers, and this is the basic concept of being competitive. They also need to ensure they continue to be innovative and work on ways to keep the staff happy. Hold more training session and build those connections with one another.
Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. would also need to ensure that they continue to operate at the lowest possible amount but not comprise the quality of their products. This will allow for profit and growth. Utilize social media for advertising to continue to put their brand name out there. It should also engage in activities that give back to the society. This attracts customers and makes them see you as ethical and friendly. In return they reward you with their loyalty. This way, CMG will have achieved its goal of being competitive.
How does the topics in Chapter 4?apply to this case
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