Case Study Of Claymore

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Claymores is a social housing estate with a main purpose to help highly disadvantaged, low income or unemployed families and also supposably isolating all experiences of high levels of crime. Claymore is located in south -western Sydney, giving homes to over three thousand three hundred of the poorest people in the country.

After school, which most children do not attend the streets are full of children walking, scootering and biking home. The children describe Claymore to be a place for troubled teenagers and immature adults. One main reason Claymore has such a troubled history is because of the influence of alcohol and illicit drugs. This isn’t creating a safe environment for the children to live in and creates many more problems for these children in the future.
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In claymore hardly any of the children go to school and they become servely disadvantaged with education and skills needed to make an income. With no parental guidance to help them make the right decision many chose not to go to school and miss out. There is no ways to make money and survive without knowledge on how to read and write. The only way to get a job will require them to have a good education and without this many go without jobs and start the poverty
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