Case Study Of Coca Cola Company

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The Coca Cola Company has only one Quality System for its entire bottling systems (Company Owned & Franchisee Owned) around the world. The control mechanism includes issuing Quality, Environment & Safety standards, conducting review and assessments, diligently monitoring the operations on an on-going basis. The Company has a franchise manager for Franchisees and Regional Technical & Quality Managers who ensures constant monitoring. The Company also provides technical assistance and training to the people and system capability. Survey Operations 1. Illegal Appropriation of Land 2. Illegal Dumping of Waste 3. Water Concerns Illegal appropriation of land The main concern of the villagers was that the Coca Cola franchisee owned bottling plant had built its factory partly on the part of the land where gram sabha (village assembly) is commonly held. The gram sabha is essentially the community, and more specifically, those persons within the community who are over 18 years of age who are eligible to vote in local village council elections. About 1.5 acres of the gram sabha land was illegally occupied by the bottling plant. The villagers are demanding that the land must be returned. The company on December 9, 2005 closed off the entire premise of the plant by putting a gate on the road which belonged to the villagers. This was entirely an illegal act. The act by the bottling plant was an attempt to enclose the two premises of the plant that lay on either side of the public road into

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