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Planning to Deal with the problems faced

The Coca-Cola Company should form its own team of investigators and collaborate with the government in reassessing the level of environmental damage caused by the Sinhachawar plant. It should also conduct similar assessments in its other bottling plants which are facing public backlash. The bottling plants which do not comply by the laws regarding industrial waste management should be shut down immediately by the company. The details of the investigation should be published on all major national dailies by the company itself on weekly basis. The company should persuade consumers to believe that it is working its level best in ensuring that all its bottling plants are safe to the environment.
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• The company should identify environmental aspects, set environmental goals, monitor results and audit processes in order to assess its performance against internal and external environmental standards.
• It should Identify and implement ways to improve the efficiency with which the Company uses materials and resources, prevents pollution, minimises emissions, and recycles waste.
• Commitment to conserve watersheds by saving water and treating wastewater and protect the climate by reducing energy use and coolant emissions.
• TCCC is expected to play a leading role within the beverage industry in promoting sustainable packaging by light weighting, recycling beverage containers and using recycled content in its packages.
• The firm should encourage and equip its employees to identify and act upon opportunities to improve environmental performance and waste management in the areas where they work.
• It should partner with stakeholders in seeking and developing solutions to those environmental problems on which the Company can make an effective and lasting
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Right course of action as per the need of the situation:
• Closure of the Sinhachawar bottling plant immediately and investigation in its other bottling plant by the internal team of the organization in collaboration with government authorities.
• Discussion with the local authorities demonstrating against the company. The must be persuaded by the company for an out of the court settlement. A court case can further collude the image of the company. Settlement amounts are very high in case the court pleads TCCC guilty.
• Promise the demonstrating public that TCCC along with its franchise partner Vrindavan bottlers will take all necessary measures and financially assist the people in remediation of the affected area. TCCC should also pass a major part of the responsibility on Vrindavan Bottlers as it was them who directly disobeyed environmental laws. The bottling plant franchise owner should be dragged to the court in case he chooses not to comply.
• Aggressive marketing campaigns communicating the above steps being taken by TCCC. This would help in bringing back the company’s fortune back in track as described

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