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Introduction Colgate Palmolive is fast growing company in Pakistan having more than 100 products. They have more than 100 products for daily use and they have 2 factories in Pakistan. Currently, Colgate Palmolive is going to install SAP ERP (Package 2) and they are going to apply mixture of following change models to bring the change in finance and logistics business processes. SCENERIO I am working as Operations Manager in Colgate Palmolive Pakistan. There was board meeting held in last and I was also attended it. The meeting was all about to bring change in whole company software. The board of directors has decided to install SAP ERP (package 2). They feel that this software will bring strategic change in finance and logistics business processes.…show more content…
As Bhatt (2000) expressed that, the most imperative part of an organisation, experimentally, is its human asset as Knowledge Managers regularly say it is 70% of the exertion required, Process is 20% and Technology is 10% of it. Lewin 's model accept that one must strike a harmony between the wellsprings of changes and strengths that oppose change (Appelbaum, et al., 1998). Lewin perceived three phases of progress as: 1-Unfreeze- Most individuals endeavor to reject change. With a specific endaa goal to conquer this propensity, a time of softening or unfreezing must started through inspiration. 2-Transition/Change- Once change is started, the organisation moves into a move perioda, which may keep going for quite a while. Satisfactory authority and consolidation is essential for the procedure to be fruitful. 3. Refreeze – After that change has been acknowledged and effectively actualized, the organization gets to be steady once more, and staffs refreezes as they work under the new rules. Kurt Levin’s 3 stages model 's advantages and…show more content…
2-McKinsey 7-S Model The McKinsey 7-S model offers an all encompassing way to deal with authoritative change. This model which made by Robert Waterman, Tom Diminishes, Richard Pascale, and Anthony Athos amid a meeting in 1978, has 7 variables filling in as an aggregate specialist of progress together: 1-Strategy: Gets ready for the distribution of organizations rare assets, after some time, to achieve distinguished objectives environment, rivalry, clients. 2-Structure: The way the organisation 's units identify with each other: brought together, practical divisions (top-down); decentralized (the pattern in bigger organisations); framework, system, holding, and so on. 3-System: The methodology forms furthermore, schedules that describe how imperative work is to be done: money related systems; employing, advancement furthermore, execution evaluation systems; data systems. 4-Shared Values: The interconnecting centre of McKinsey 's model is: Shared Values. What does the organization stands for and what it believes in central beliefs and attitudes. 5-Style: Cultural style of the organization and how key managers behave in achieving the organizations goals and management styles. 6-Staff: Numbers and types of personnel within the

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