Pros And Cons Of Costco

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The introduction of Costco, an extremely large business to a semi rural area will have both pros and cons for not only the area but also Costco itself. These issues include • Political Implications • Environmental Implications • Social implications • Technological Implications • Legal Implications • Economic Implications Political – Political implications on the local community would obviously include legislation and regulation. For example the products they are able to sell and also the local politicians will campaign for or against it. The government controls the sale of certain products; this means that for Costco to want to sell particular products such as alcohol there is legislation that they must abide by. Costco will also have to…show more content…
This means that ample trucks must be available to reach said customers, in addition to this all trucks must be equipped with GPS to allow the drivers a quick and efficient delivery. A website will also have to be constructed to allow for orders to be made, and then they will be stored in a relational database which also has to be constructed, then this data will be stored in a hard drive on site and another storage facility offsite as backup for future reference by employees to confirm orders or provide refunds etc. Legal – Legal implications are similar to political implications as they both involve the legislation associated with retail. One of the laws for example states that a license is required for the sale of alcohol which has to be paid for, there are ways around this, however, it would be cheaper for Costco to simply pay for the license. Another law Costco must follow is the minimum wage law that is a set amount that each age group can earn as a minimum and also states the number of hours a week an employee must be allowed to work. Any deviation from these laws that is found out will insure a hefty fine for
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