Case Study Of DHL Express: Supply Chain Management In Malaysia

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1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of this assignment is to propose a suitable supply chain design for DHL Express. The author will attempt to give his proposal and recommendation on ways that DHL Express can improve their supply chain management to ensure that products are delivered efficiently, expertly and to the customers’ satisfaction.

DHL Express, a subsidiary of Deustche Post DHL in Germany has been a major player in the international express mail service regularly being one of the top ranked firms in the world. Having setup their operations in Malaysia, DHL Express (M) Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of DHL Express have been in the forefront of innovation and development of their business model in Malaysia. They have aggressively invested in their vehicles and their IT systems to ensure that they are always ahead in terms of rejuvenating their business. DHL have also opened new service outlets in Malaysia to provide more access, convenience and flexibility to customers.

DHL have had a strong growth and are looking ahead to expand its operations in Malaysia. The opportunity exists for DHL to develop their business in Malaysia by having more contracts to serve its customer. The growth of India and China has further supported their operations in Malaysia with many firms here having business relationship in India and China. Small and medium scale enterprises are looking at ways they can minimize their cost of delivery and ensure their delivery reaches their destination in the

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