Case Study Of Daffy Diapers With Love

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Diapers with Love
I would like to announce the merger of Daffy Diapers and Snuggles Diapers. With the merger, the name of the company will now be Diapers with Love. The merging of the two companies is an opportunity to improve our quality, total sells, reduce employee turnover, and to increase profits. Both plants will remain open, with no plans to close either facility in the future. The current plan for the merger does not entail any layoffs on the shop floor; the plan is to increase the headcount for the company’s current production needs and for future targets that are in the planning stages. There will be some reorganizing of office personnel. However, there will be opportunities in other organizations within the company for those involved in the reorganization to apply.
The central plant will be in Hiccup, MO where the sales team, research and development, and central office personnel will all locate. The plant in Nowhere, OK is located 45 miles from the Hiccup plant and will have the essential office personnel in that facility to support business and employee’s needs. The current number of employees at Diapers with Love is 262 including office and hourly employees. Currently, both plants are set up to manufacture all nine assorted sizes of diapers. The business plan is to produce the P thru 3 sizes in the Hiccup plant and the 4 thru 7 sizes in the Nowhere plant to reduce the manufacturing process setup time in each of the facilities.
As shown by Fetzer (2014), the

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