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Best Practices: A Look at Popular DTC Companies Let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular DTC services today to see how they’re gaining more revenue by giving their clients customized options and personalized services. Dollar Shave Club is a company that delivers razor blades and grooming products by mail on a monthly basis. Founded in 2011 in a garage in Venice, California by Mark Levine and Michael Dubin, the club now has over 2 million members and an estimated value of over $500 million. Sign Up The club uses a mobile adaptive 4-step form that includes a selection of subscription packages and the option to get extra items. ● Page 1 features a choice of blades and packages. Under the image of each razor is a concise description of each package, including how many blades and cartridges it has, a summary of its starred reviews, the shipping fee, and the special features of the razor itself. The user is given the option to try the package out first. Note that once a package has been chosen, the user can opt to proceed directly to checkout. ● Page 2 has 3 add-ons that can be included in the shipment. There’s a skip button at the bottom of the page that leads to page 3. ● Page 3 asks for the client’s shipping details. ● Page 4 asks for the client’s billing info. It also has a small…show more content…
In fact, wine clubs in the USA netted an average growth rate of 15 percent last year, and their revenues accounted for 33 percent of DTC sales for wineries. However, today’s wine clubs are facing a new challenge: providing their members with a personalized wine club experience. To keep up with the times and to meet the expectation of its members, every aspect of the wine club must provide personal touches, from the customizable signup packages for new members, to the highly targeted emails sent to existing members. But most importantly, this personal touch is must be epitomized in the tasting
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