Dr Pepper Snapple Company Case Study

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The dream all started with a man named, Jean Jacob in 1783, who created a refreshing drink that would change the market forever. From then on, more and more people wanted to create new drinks with different flavors and different sensations. A hundred years later, a man named, Charles Alderton invited a soft drink named, Dr. Pepper. The flavored carbonated water was the drink that everyone went crazy over. Then in 1972, two brothers in New York created what people believed to be a healthier type of carbonated soft drink. Taking over the market with its flavors and unique bottle, Snapple quickly became the drink to drink. In 2008, Cadbury Schweppes, the company that owned Snapple decided to join with Dr. Pepper and together they became the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group; soon becoming "one of North America 's leading refreshment beverage companies" (Dr Pepper Snapple Group, n.d.). This combination of two companies, quickly became a…show more content…
Of course, after a while the cashier got tired of hearing what I had to say about the product. However, the fact of the matter is that with this assignment I was able to learn so much more about products that I consume all the time. I found itinteresting how there was an actual Dr. Pepper Snapple Group; I always thought that they were two completely different companies and now learning that they are in fact one company with other brands is mind blowing. Dr. Pepper and Snapple started out as two different companies with the same goal: to create new and unique flavors of soft drinks for people to enjoy. Both companies ' years later joined together to expand their goal and become a leading company in soft drinks. With annual sales of 6.4 billion dollars and owing 50 brands, it 's safe to say that they have over achieved their

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