Dyncorp Case Study: Land Air Inc.

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John Taylor Pardee DYNCORP Part b Company information DYNCORP international is a private military and a security contracting business tasked with protecting their clients and providing a safe place for people to carry out their daily routine. This company is run by CEO Stephen J. Cannon and receives 3.047 billion dollars on operations alone as of 2010 and is rising each year. Every great business has its history and DynCorp starts in the 50’s. in 1951 land air Inc. (DYNCORP) won an award for having the first contract field teams, these teams would provide service to help the air force repair and load aircraft. During the 1950’s through 1990 DynCorp would change their names multiple times. In 1951 California Eastern Airways, Inc.…show more content…
and KBR, INC. these are all private contractors and aviation companies. Although some of their business gets lost Dyncorp still manages to hire 14000 every year who all start at 35.00 an hour. The total net income by 2008 was 47.96 million dollars and the stock prices are starting at 15.00 you can find them under their symbol DCP. The jobs that you can possibly get with dyncorp are Operations, Logistics, Business Administrator, Transportation, IT. The operations, logistics and transportation are dealt internationally and the business administrator and IT are domestic but they do have domestic transportation also. with this business like all businesses has a code of ethics which is “that We train our personnel on a broad range of topics to provide them with the knowledge needed to not only be compliant, but to ensure that they understand their personal responsibility to meet the high standards required of all DynCorp…show more content…
The earliest service was aircraft repair starting with the opening of DynCorp. Along with aerospace they soon moved to transportation and logistics. Once they got their foot into the door of transportation they decided security would be a wise choice to raise the most money for the company and that is the leading form of profit for DynCorp. The services are aerospace, transportation, logistics and security, the people who decide to join DynCorp are trained in the united states and from their they are either stationed around the united states or shipped over to the places that they have contracts with. If you are stationed in the united states, you will be in the DynCorp buildings and if you are overseas you will be stationed wherever the contracts are either on a ship, airport or in a camp. If countries or private companies need security and want DynCorp they can put out a contract and send it to the director or put it

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