Case Study Of Electrolux

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(a) Background Electrolux is a leading international brand among the household appliances. Electrolux provide the widest option of those product choice like air-conditioners, cooker, dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaner that sold under esteemed brands such as AEG, Eureka, Frigidaire and of course Electrolux. Furthermore, Electrolux’s customer base is extremely huge and not only targeted normal household but professional use as well. Literally every year, the proudest financial report of selling off over 40 million products to customers over 150 markets globally which enhanced investor’s confident very much. Besides, the mission that established by the founder, Axel Wenner-Gren to improve quality of life which makes their team continuously striving creative innovations based on the customer’s feedback in order to satisfy the high demand of the targeted ones. In addition, various innovations over all the products from time to time contribute to the remarkable great image among other competitors in the market. The slogan “Thinking of you” generates a strong feeling on they really concern on providing consumer a better life by improving their service from all segments like design, logistics, marketing, production and etc. In brief for the history segment of Electrolux, Electrolux formerly is a company that selling vacuum cleaner at the year of 1912 slowly Electrolux transforming themselves into important manufacturer for absorption refrigerators

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