Case Study Of Enron: Case Study: Enron

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ENRON Scandal What is ENRON

Enron carporation was an American energy commodities an service compnies based in Houstan Texas US.
From a pipline company in 1980 Enron grew into worls largest energy trader using the internet to buy and sell the natural gass and electric power supplies form utilities and indusrial power uses and helping them hedge against pluctuations against power price
Founded : 1985 in Omaha Nebrasca US
Headquater : Houstan US
Founders : Kneth Lay , Jeffry skilling
Enron employed 20000 staff members amd was one of the most major electricity ,Natural gass, communication pulp and paper with nearly claimed revenew of $111 billion..

Enron formed by merger: Enron was formed by a merger between houstan natural gass an
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