Case Study Of Estee Lauder Company

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1. Case Abstract This case study discusses about Estee Lauder Companies Inc. that involved in the cosmetic industry. The Estee Lauder Companies were founded by Mrs. Estee Lauder and her husband in 1946. The company or Estee Lauder is globally recognized manufacturer and marketer of skin care, make up, fragrance and hair care. Estee Lauder has sales their product to North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Mrs Estee began her business selling skin care products to beauty salon and hotels. In the early years of this company, it faces rejection from Madison Avenue and Mrs Estee began to market her products directly to customers through provide sample before they bought them. After that, the company began selling her products only through boutique and department store and targeting high-class customer. In financial position, Estee Lauder Companies fiscal year end on 30th June. The company revenue, operating profit and net profit was dropped in 2009 compared with 2008. However, on 2010, revenue was increased by $472 million, operating profit increase by $371.5 million and net profit increase of 259.9 million over 2009. For the year end 2011, net sales were expected to grow about 10.5%, since company gains sales for each geographic region and products. The company strongly involved in corporate social responsibility to its customer and community through involvement and support activities and programs that dedicated to health, human service,

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