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In April 1992, Walt Disney had build EuroDisney in Paris to opened its doors to European market. It is to be said to be the biggest and most lavish theme park in Paris. But EuroDisney had incurred an incredible loss of more than $900 million ever since it was established. The major factor that had contributed to the poor performance of EuroDisney was the organization had failed to analyze the marketplace and to adapt to the local culture. In the given case study stated that, EuroDisney’s motive was to promote the American theme park in Europe which they had neglected the cultural differences they had between America and Europe. They were trying to bring in American culture over to Paris to build EuroDisney. In the case, it was shown that EuroDisney…show more content…
According to Pandey (2013), tourism in Malaysia contributes about 12.5% to GDP in 2014. The government of Malaysia is putting attention on tourism as it is an important foreign exchange earner. Furthermore, facts gathered from (2014), stated that local purchasing power of Malaysia is ranked number 37th in the world. This could result that citizens of Malaysia is capable of spending in Disneyland as the Malaysians have high purchasing power. Hence, by locating Disney in Malaysia, it would boost country’s economy by attracting tourists from other country to visit Disney in Malaysia and also by, attracting tourists from all over the world, Disney in Malaysia could successfully gain profits from citizens as well as…show more content…
For instance there are Sunway Lagoon, A’Famosa Resort and Lost World of Tambun. The most popular theme park in Malaysia is the Genting Theme Park at Genting Highlands. From the stated theme parks that are stated above, excluding Genting Theme Park, those theme parks are more to water theme parks; which their main selling point are related to water activities. Nevertheless, Genting Theme Park is more to an amusement park which have thrilling and exciting rides which most of the theme parks in Malaysia lack of. Also, currently Malaysia does not have a theme park which collaborates with movie or film corporations such as Universal Studio and Disney. Hence, by building Disneyland in Malaysia it could attract citizen of Malaysia to pay a visit to Disney to seek for specialty and to meet Disney characters in person. Malaysia citizens no longer need to travel oversea to enjoy the atmosphere with their favorite cartoon characters where they can only view them on the

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