Case Study Of Evelyn's Relationship

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Mrs. Evelyn started to notice that her friends were very few. As she stated, they had their lives and she had her life to look after. She did not have any concerns with friends during this stage. She lost both parents, one to brain cancer and the other to a stroke. She watched her mother suffered and vow to never suffer that way. While we were talking about death, I asked her how she felt about death. In this stage, she started to think more about death due to her parents dying. She appear to be a strong women but you can clearly see it affected her a lot more than she lead on to be.
Her relationship with her husband was not stable but for the sake of the children, they did decide to stay in the relationship. I asked her why she decided to stay. She stated that how she was raised. She did not get married to get a divorce and she was willing to work it out. However, there were times they separated but eventually they would reunited. Also, she wanted stability for her children.
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She realize she were getting older and her body was not like it used to be. She became less patient with people and less tolerable people opinions.
During this stage, she experienced racism which she was not use to. She always been in the surroundings of her family. Due to her experiences with racism later on in life, it cause her to a distrust of white people. She will speak to them but did not trust them. She really did not speak a lot of racism. I believe this due to experiences she does not want
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