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Business Plan BY Minna Noortheen SBS Swiss Business School– AL



1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 - Company Summary Objectives Mission
3.0 – Products and Services
4.0 - Market Analysis Summary
5.0 - Strategy and Implementation Summary
6.0 - Management Summary
7.0 - Financial Plan

Executive Summary

EVERtech LLC is a company that mainly specializes in manufacturing and maintenance of 3D Printers. EverTech produces printers that are efficient , cost– effective and versatile.

It aims to use 3D printing to revoultionize modern day manufacturing methods in many Industries . Namely Building Construction , Food ,
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Mega Electronics 20%
2. Hi5 Electronics 42%
And EverTech share is 38%

Target Market of EverTech
EverTech plans to capture Industries wherever manufacturing is required . This can be of any size.
Currently with 3 D printers produced by EverTech targets scientific research related to physics, fashion Industry , miniature art indusrties .
As mentioned before the 3D printing has a massive potential to bring revolution to the way any physical thing is going to be made . So EverTech also invests substantial amount of time, money , energy to innovate new kinds of 3D printers . There is a separate department solely dedicated for this function. The no of employees working in this segment is increasing by time.
In Future EverTEch hopes to create new breed of 3 D printers that will target
1. Garment Industry
2. Building Contruction
3. Medical Industry - Medical Eqipments, Human organs
4. Military – Faster manufacturing of Aircraft , tanks and ships . Built Part by Part
5. Food – Restaurants

Strategy and Implementation
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EverTech will increase its sales force to focus on the new markets. The salesmen are highly trained to deal with customers in a creative manner. EverTech offers customers incredible deals which are hard to let it away.

Marketing Strategy EverTech also advertises itself in cost – effective through newspaper advertisements and small billboard advertisements In addition, EverTech will co-sponsor local charity events to raise the knowledge of the brand name.
The Start – up also advertises itself by placing advertisements through online social media like youtube , facebook. As well as TV advertisements.
EverTech is also promoted by youtubers. Because endorsing them is cheaper compared to celebrities .

Competitive Strategy

EverTech plans to stay ahead in the market By producing 3-D printers that have many special qualities. EverTech believes that this is the key strategy to be successful. Some of the special features of EverTech printers include :
1. Long lasting Power
2. Defectless items are produced
3. Portability
4. Less Weight

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